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Looking for a full-body, low-impact workout that improves both strength and fitness? Rowing is your answer.

Indoor rowing has seen a spike in popularity over recent years and it’s not difficult to see why. ”People are realising it’s the single most effective equipment for a total body workout in a short time,’ says personal trainer Matt Gleed.  ‘‘I think it appeals to older people who want to get fit with less impact, and younger, active people who
are looking for serious fitness and strength gains’’ .

Need more convincing? Here are 6 reasons why you should take up rowing.

It’s important to nail proper technique before hopping on a rower if you want to reap the full benefits. Here’s how to row correctly. Note: your legs may not be thanking you for a few days.


Start at the front of the machine with bent legs and straight arms.
You should be leaning slightly forwards from the hips.

Holding your core muscles in at all times, start moving, using your legs to push you backwards.

When your legs are nearly straight, start to lean your torso back a little from the hips.

When your legs and body are fully extended, bring your arms towards you in a rowing motion, letting the handle come to just below your breastbone.


Slowly straighten your arms, moving the handle away from your body. Recovering should take about twice as long as driving.

When your arms are straight again, tip your torso forwards, then bend your legs and return to your starting squat position.