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Not all indulgent treats are created equal. Read on to check whether your festive calories are better spent on chocolate yule log, or stollen…

Chocolate yule log

A typical recommended slice of yule log weighs in at around 70g.

The nutritional lowdown
Even if you can draw the line with a 70g serving and not get tempted back for more, you need to factor in around 232 calories. The chocolate, butter-cream coating means you’ll be loading up on 1tbsp-worth of fat per slice. You’ll have had over a third of the recommended daily maximum of saturated fat for a woman, so you’ll need to keep an eye on your intake for the rest of the day. Same goes for the sugars in the sponge cake and coating, as they add up to almost two-thirds of your maximum added sugars for the day.  This will create a surge in blood sugar levels that inevitably lead to an energy dip soon after. Forewarned… 

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This traditional German sweet fruit bread, typically filled with marzipan, is so rich that an average recommended serving is only around 35g.

The nutritional lowdown
Gram for gram, it has slightly more calories than the yule log (372 compared with 338 per 100g.) But because your typical serving size will be lighter, choosing a slice of stollen means you’ll end up with nearly 100 fewer calories on your plate. Inevitably, the smaller portion of stollen also provides fewer grams of fat (around 1tsp worth per slice) and less added sugar. Arguably, the presence of the dried fruit and the denseness of the stollen should help you to feel fuller for longer than the yule log.

The verdict…

Let’s be frank: neither presents a great set of health credentials, but it is Christmas… So stollen wins the day due to its healthier portion size. It also has the advantage of being lower in saturated fat, which is another bonus when looking at these treats in the context of the whole season.