Jennifer Low is a Registered Dietitian, with an MSc in Nutrition and a degree in Psychology. Clinically she specialises in disordered eating, bariatric surgery and IBS.

Are you hitting the recommended quota of 30g fibre a day? If so, you’re unusual – most people in the UK are only getting 18g. When it comes to fibre, you need both types: soluble and insoluble fibres.

The truth about saturated fat

Soluble fibre is found in fruit, vegetables, oats and pulses. It helps to slow down the rate at which carbohydrates are absorbed by the body and can help to lower cholesterol.

Insoluble fibre is generally found in bread, pasta, rice and vegetables. It helps to keep food moving through the gut, helping to prevent constipation, and is vital for a healthy digestive tract. But not all bread provides the same amount, which is why it pays to check labels.

To be a source of fibre, food must contain at least 3g fibre per 100g, and to be high in fibre it must have at least 6g. The breads on this page with more than 2.5g per slice count as being high in fibre.

Fibre values per slice

Warburtons Medium Sliced White
£1/800g, per 40.3g slice: 1g fibre

Kingsmill 50/50 Medium Sliced
85p/800g, per 40.1g slice: 2g fibre

Waitrose Love Life Stoneground Wholemeal Medium Sliced
£1.35/800g, per 33.3g slice: 2.1g fibre

Hovis Seed Sensations Soft Granary Batch
£1.25/800g, per 50g slice: 2.5g fibre

Vogel’s Soya & Linseed Brown Bread
£1.50/800g loaf, per 41.9g slice: 2.8g fibre

Hovis Granary Wholemeal
£1.25/800g, per 44g slice: 3g fibre

Allinson Seeded Wholemeal
£1.50/800g, per 44g slice: 3.5g fibre

Genius Gluten Free Triple Seeded Sandwich Loaf
£3/535g, per 36g slice: 3.6g fibre

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Soft Multiseed Wholemeal Farmhouse Batch
£1.30/800g, per 47g slice: 3.8g fibre

Schneider Brot Vollkornbrot Whole Grain Rye Bread
£1/500g, per 50g slice: 3.9g fibre

Vogel’s Superseeded Bloomer
£1.50/600g, per 66.8g slice: 4.1g fibre

Burgen Soya & Linseed
£1.25/800g, per 44.1g slice: 5g fibre

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