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We’ve scored these on-trend waters on the HFG sugar-ometer


Recognising our endless desire to try something new, manufacturers have turned to plants to quench our thirst. The problem is, despite their healthy image, they can be surprisingly high in free sugars, the ones we should keep to below 30g in total a day. Most of these sugars are naturally occurring, but they still count towards our daily total.

Reasons to stay fluid

We need to drink six to eight cups of liquid a day to stay hydrated (even more on hot days). And when we exercise, we need as much as 1 litre per hour of physical exertion.

Research shows even mild dehydration can have a negative effect on endurance and motivation, as well as increasing fatigue and causing disruption to moods, short-term memory and alertness.  Top up on fluids, though, and you reverse these effects.

Healthy drinking rules

-Remember, however healthy the label looks, a drink is only low sugar if it has less than 2.5g of total sugars per 100ml
-Save the higher-in-sugar trendy waters for treats.
-Don’t be fooled into thinking they’re superior to normal water.
-If you’ve been exercising hard for more than 90 min, plant waters with 4g–8g sugars per 100ml can help rehydration as they have a similar composition to an isotonic drink – but watch the calories.

All sugar values are per single serve  bottle
Sibberi Bamboo Water Glow,

TreeVitalise Birch Water, £2.49/250ml

Sibberi Birch Water Clean & Lean, £1.99/250ml

Drink Maple Pure Maple Water, £2.19/355ml

True Nopal Cactus Water, £1.79/330ml

Sibberi Maple Water Strength, £1.99/250ml

Cocofina Coconut Water, £1.45/200ml

Aqua Coco Active Coconut Water, £1.08/250ml

Sealand Birk Raspberry Birch Water, £1.42/330ml

Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water, £1.69/330ml

Tiana 100% Raw Coconut Water, £2.99/350ml

What A Melon Watermelon Water, £2.99/330ml