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With veganism ever increasing in popularity, there are more and more readily available vegan products to choose from. We’ve helped you pick out some new favourites: here’s why these products won in the vegan category for our Best of Health Awards 2019


Best Meaty Mimic Burger: Vivera Veggie Quarter Pounders

The most convincing substitute for a meat burger we’ve tried, with a juicy, meaty texture and herby flavour. They‘re high in fat so make lower-fat choices for the rest of the day.

Per 113g patty: 251kcal, 16g fat, 9g saturates, 1.9g sugars, 17g protein, 1g salt
Price: £3.00/2x 113g, Sainsbury’s

Best Vital Vegan Vitamins: Wicked Gummy Co. Happy Tummy Gummy

Taking 2 gummies daily is a quick way to boost gut bacteria. They’re not cheap (although a daily kefir drink will cost you more), but they turn supplementing into a treat.

Per 2 gummies: 7kcal, 0g fat, 0g saturates, 2g carbohydrates, 1.5g sugars, 0g salt

Best Veggie Filled Burgers: Heck Super Green Burgers

 Around 200kcal lower than a traditional meat burger, these are high in fibre and have a good firm texture. A great choice for your bun, especially if you prefer a fresh veggie taste.

Per 114g burger (pan fried): 171kcal, 7.4g fat, 0.7g saturates, 3.3g sugars, 9.7g fibre, 5.1g protein, 1.5g salt
Price: £2.50/2x114g, Tesco

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