Former Queens Park Rangers footballer and personal trainer Bradley Simmonds has been appointed as F45‘s official UK ambassador. We spoke to Bradley about HIIT workouts, tips for working out at home and what inspired the ex-footballer to become an F45 ambassador.

1. What are five things most people wouldn’t know about HIIT?
1. HIIIT stands for high intensity interval training.
2. You put in maximum effort with minimal rest.
3. Your body will continue to burn calories long after the workout.
4. You can perform HIIT anywhere, anytime.
5.  No weights are needed to perform HIIT.

2. What inspired you to become an F45 ambassador?
I really agree with F45’s philosophy and methods. Helping people of all sizes and fitness abilities to train hard and get great results is really rewarding.

3. Do you have any tips for working out at home?
I would definitely recommend planning your workout before you start. Make sure you have a great playlist lined up, and time yourself. 30 minutes maximum effort is all you need to do.

4. What tips do you have for women who exercise?
Find a method of training you enjoy and stick at it. Don’t be scared of lifting weights or performing resistance exercises in fear of ‘bulking’. This will help improve your strength and will certainly tone muscle. You’ll only bulk if you’re eating way more calories than your body burns (this is known as surplus).

5. How many rest days should the average person have?
It totally depends on the individual and their fitness levels. For beginners it’s important to ease their way into it, you don’t want to hit a brick wall straight away. I advise people to listen to their body as overdoing it can cause damage. Rest and recovery is vital if the individual wants to progress.


6. What are your views on stretching?
Mobilisation followed by a good dynamic warm up is essential before a HIIT style workout. Not only to prevent injury but to get the brain and muscles switched on for the hard graft ahead.

7. Should you hydrate well before a HIIT workout?
It’s important to be hydrated before, during and after a workout.
My advice would be to sip water throughout the workout and hydrate well after.

8. What are your personal weak spots and how do you work around them?
I find my form struggles towards the end of each workout due to tiredness. When it gets to this point, I need to really focus on the exercise to make sure my technique is spot on.

9. Can you target certain areas of the body with HIIT?
Yes. There are plenty of body weight exercises that target all muscle groups. Doing your own research before a workout would be ideal for someone wanting to target particular muscles.

10. What do you recommend as pre and post workout foods?
Something light is best before a workout – a banana or rice cake is good. There’s nothing worse than training with a full bloated stomach. After your session it’s essential to have a well-balanced and nutritious meal to refuel the body. This includes carbs, proteins and vegetables. Not forgetting plenty of fluids for rehydration!

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