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‘This simple circuit targets all the muscle groups in the arms and shoulders for balanced, effective toning,’ explains Mila Lazar, head of HIIT at Another Space gyms.

‘Choose dumbbells light enough to allow you to carry out the exercises with good posture, but heavy enough that you feel fatigued at the end (1-5kg suits most people).  Aim for 10-12 reps and repeat the circuit three times, twice a week. When it feels easy, increase the reps, sets or weights.’

Incorporate these arm exercises  into your workout routine to build a strong and defined upper body.

Standing bicep curl

This builds strength in your biceps (front of arms).

arm exercises: bicep curl

1 Hold one dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing towards your sides.

2 Standing up tall and straight, bend your arms at the elbow, one at a time, and curl the weight up towards your shoulders (don’t swing or hunch your back), then release and lower the arm down towards your side.

Tricep Extension

This is brilliant for toning the triceps (back of arms).

1 Hold the dumbbells with arms bent and elbows against your ribs. Bend forwards so your back is
flat, your shoulders relaxed and your core engaged.

2 Extend the dumbbells behind you until your arms are straight.

3 Bend arms and bring the dumbbells back to the start.

Overhead Press

This is great for strengthening and mobilising the shoulder and elbow joints, while improving upper-body strength and tone.

1 With arms bent at your sides, hold both dumbbells at shoulder height.

2 Keeping shoulders relaxed, push the dumbbells above your head, fully extending the arms, then lower back down to shoulder height. Repeat.

Lateral Front to Side Raises

The ultimate shoulder shaper – you may need a lighter weight for this exercise.

arm exercises: lateral raises

1 Standing with feet shoulder-width apart and elbows slightly bent, raise the dumbbells to shoulder height in front of you, then lower back down.

2 Raise the dumbbells out to the side to shoulder height, then lower back down.

Or, incorporate these arm exercises into a full body workout using the movements below:

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