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Find out how our inspirational weight-loss star, Dannii Martin, lost 7 stone


My weight wake-up call came in my early 20s when I started to experience a racing heart after eating junk food – a heart monitor showed up what I call my ‘episodes’. I was eating too much – especially salty foods – which I put down to emotional eating. Stress triggers were university life, plus eating badly, late drinking nights and spending time with friends who weren’t helping.

I decided to start eating better and working out – which reduced the stress – and stopped seeing people who didn’t support my lifestyle change. Cooking from scratch was the real breakthrough – I ditched ready meals and started cooking with fresh ingredients, using herbs instead of fatty sauces.

I was realistic about exercise, starting with gentle activities such as swimming (great if you’re overweight as it doesn’t put stress on your joints), building up to more strenuous runs. Yes, there were times when I wanted to give up and go back to my old ways, but I never let a bad day turn into a bad week.

weightloss-table-danniiMy goal was to improve my health, and I never lost sight of that. With every lb I lost, I felt I could breathe more easily. Altogether, I’ve lost 7st. After three years, I started a blog to share my experience with others who struggle with their weight. It isn’t easy – it’s about making lifestyle changes, eating better and exercising. I do occasionally treat myself, but 95% of my diet is now healthy.

Brownies are my guilty pleasure, so I’ve devised my own healthier version.

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*Weight-loss results will vary and are down to your individual circumstances and the amount of weight you have to lose.