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Struggle to get your five-a-day? Want to help tackle food waste? Do both by entering our competition with wonky fruit and vegetable subscription box, Oddbox.

We’re offering five readers the chance to win a month’s subscription* to Oddbox’s small fruit and veg box, providing you a total of four wonderfully wonky boxes to try! The small box is perfect for individuals or couples and can serve up to 4 meals.

Oddbox is London’s first wonky fruit and vegetable subscription box offering delicious, fresh, but slightly less than perfect produce  – think double headed aubergines, twirly chillis, curvy courgettes and strawberries with feet.

The team behind this social enterprise work directly with farmers to rescue ‘ugly’ produce and deliver it straight to London’s homes and offices. With a shocking 20-40% of produce in the UK being wasted before it even leaves the farms, Oddbox are on a mission to save the nation’s unwanted fruit and veg and to deliver it to YOU – for 30% cheaper than similar services.

*Note: this competition is only open to London residents within these delivery areas.

To enter, fill in your details then answer the simple question on the next page: