Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

Amanda is Healthy Food Guide's nutrition editor with a degree in nutrition and a post-grad diploma in dietetics. She is a member of the British Dietetic Association; The Nutrition Society and The Guild of Food Writers.
American or British pancakes

Improve your health

Which is healthier: American or British pancakes?

Is it healthier to flip British pancakes or serve their smaller, thicker American cousins this Pancake Day? AMERICAN PANCAKES With…

Improve your health

What should you eat before a Parkrun?

Parkrun is fun way to get social, fit and healthy. Eating the right sort of breakfast will mean you have…

Improve your health

6 healthy snacks that travel well

Step away from those muffins and flapjacks on offer at every airport and train station – fuel up instead with…


Improve your health

10 of the best anti-ageing foods for your skin

Get healthier-looking skin by adding these foods and drinks to your diet, says nutrition editor Amanda Ursell   1. Dark…

food waste

Improve your health

How to reduce your food waste

We each throw away nearly a trolley’s worth of shopping every month! Nutrition editor Amanda Ursell helps you stop the…

James Wong book review

Improve your health

A nutritionist reviews… How to Eat Better by James Wong

James Wong has that rare thing among healthy cookbook writers: a science background. Nutrition editor Amanda Ursell looks at his…

The Sirtfood Diet

Improve your health

A nutritionist reviews… The Sirtfood Diet

Eat chocolate, drink red wine and lose weight? Amanda Ursell explores this year’s most beguiling diet plan   The Sirtfood…

The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet

Improve your health

A nutritionist reviews… The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet by Dr Michael Mosley

Michael Mosley, of BBC Two’s Trust Me, I’m a Doctor fame, believes he’s devised a short-term diet that can cut…

The G Plan Diet

Improve your health

What is the G Plan Diet? Our nutritionist investigates…

The new G-Plan Diet, created by nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, claims to be a book for ‘anyone and everyone who yearns…

The Louise Parker Method

Improve your health

A nutritionist reviews… The Louise Parker Method Lean for Life: the Cookbook

When the first line from the author reads, ‘I loathe dieting. I’m actually on a mission to end it,’ you…

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