Bridget Benelam

Bridget Benelam

A SENIOR NUTRITION SCIENTIST at the British Nutrition Foundation, Bridget coordinates an expert group on physical activity and has also worked for the Food Standards Agency (FSA).
ways with quark

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10 ways with quark

This low-fat soft cheese has long been popular in parts of Europe. Made from soured milk, with a light, creamy…

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10 foods to boost your mood

Making a few small changes to your diet may help reduce Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms. And, helpfully, they’re the same…

weight-loss tips

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Top 10 weight-loss tips that may surprise you

Try Bridget Benelam's, senior nutrition scientist at the British Heart Foundation, simple weight-loss strategies and tips to stay on track.…

Improve your health

Processed meat and cancer

Is it just a scare, or should we believe the headlines that tell us to avoid ham and bacon altogether…

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