Niamh Leonard-Bedwell

Niamh Leonard-Bedwell

best supermarket veggie burgers

Improve your health

Taste test: best supermarket veggie burgers

Switching to plant-based burgers (at least some of the time) makes a lot of sense, as reducing our red meat…

is parmesan healthy

Improve your health

A healthy parmesan cheese? Why Parmigiano Reggiano is our surprising kitchen staple…

At Healthy Food Guide, we believe it’s possible to maintain a healthy diet while enjoying a little bit of what…

Image of goat for goat's milk

Improve your health

Is goat’s milk good for you?

We asked nutritionist Amanda Hamilton why she believes more people should opt for goat's milk, and shopped around for our…

Improve your health

Healthy steak recipes

Sometimes, nothing can beat the comfort of a hearty steak. And we're firm believers that you should be able to…

Porridge toppings

Improve your health

Healthy porridge toppings to kickstart your day

Tucking into a hearty bowl of porridge for breakfast is a great way to start your day. Oats keep you…

herb smash

Improve your health

5 mocktails for Dry January

Whether you want to give yourself a bit of a detox after the Christmas period, or are simply planning on…

Image of Katie Piper

Improve your health

How I stay healthy: Katie Piper

Philanthropist, TV personality and mum-of-two, Katie Piper understands the challenge of juggling a healthy lifestyle and a busy routine better than…

Image of James Haskell

Improve your health

How I stay healthy: James Haskell

A firm believer that a balanced diet leads to peak physical performance, James Haskell dutifully records his food intake via…

Image of strawberry cointreau trifle

Improve your health

10 terrific trifles

There’s a reason why trifles are our go-to party dessert of the festive season. They look beautiful and with all…

Christmas mocktails

Improve your health

Festive mocktail recipes for a healthier Christmas tipple

Whether you’re the designated driver this Christmas or you simply want to watch your units over the festive period, we’ve…

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