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At HFG, we’re firm believers that everyone deserves an Easter treat. That’s why we’ve hunted high and low for the highest quality gluten-free hot cross buns from the supermarkets. They really are the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon cuppa – just remember to go easy on the butter!

1. Made Without Wheat 4 Hot Cross Buns, £2.40/280g, Marks & SpencerImage of M&S HCB

With their sticky, fruity texture, you’d be hard-pressed to guess that these buns are actually gluten free. They were the unanimous favourite in our HFG taste test.

Per bun: 206kcal; 4.1g fat; 0.4g saturates; 14.2g sugars; 0.6g salt

SCORE: 8/10

2. Free From 4 Hot Cross Buns, £2/280g, Co-opImage of Co-op hot cross buns

If you prefer less fruit in your hot cross buns, these light and fluffy ones might work for you. Plus they’re only 156kcal each, which make them a better option if you’re watching your waistline.

Per bun: 156kcal; 2g fat; 0.2g saturates; 12g sugars; 0.6g salt

SCORE: 7/10

3. Free From 4 Hot Cross Buns, £1.75/280g, Morrisons

Image of Morrison's hot cross buns

The cheapest pack of the bunch, these HCBs are also free from milk. At 160kcal per serving, they’re a lighter option too. We found them slightly dry, but do try them if you’re a fan of strong citrus flavours.

Per bun: 160kcal; 2g fat; 0.2g saturates; 11.9g sugars; 0.5g salt

SCORE: 6/10

4. Just: 4 Hot Cross Buns, £2.75/300g, Ocado

Image of Just: hot cross buns

During tasting, we found these buns had more of a doughy and dense consistency, but we have to give them kudos for being free from egg, dairy and milk too. They’re the most inclusive option of all the buns on our list.

Per bun: 216kcal; 6.7g fat; 0.5g saturates; 11.1g sugars; 0.5g salt

SCORE: 6/10

5. Deliciously Free From 4 Chocolate Hot Cross Buns, £2/280g, Sainsbury’s

Image of Sainsbury's hot cross buns

While we liked the novelty of combining chocolate with hot cross buns (indulgent as it sounds!) these made a bit of a mess in the toaster. Call us traditionalists, but we’ll be sticking to classic buns.

Per bun: 202kcal; 8.4g fat; 1.9g saturates; 5.6g sugars; 0.5g salt

SCORE: 4/10

And if you’d rather have a go at making your own, try our recipe for gluten free hot cross scones.