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It’s official: tea advent calendars are a THING this year. And with so many stunning options on offer, filled with brilliantly festive blends, it’s easy to see why. From low-fuss and affordable calendars to a couple of festive show-stoppers, check out some of our favourite tea advent calendars for Christmas 2019.

Bird & Blend, Tea Advent Calendar, £36

Brighton-born tea company Bird & Blend’s stylish tea advent calendar is packed with 24 different blends to get excited about. With flavours such as salted caramel lebkuchen, chocolate digestives, banana bread chai and spiced pumpkin pie, you’ll bounce right out of bed every morning knowing you’ve got one of these sweet combos to look forward to. They’re also offering a Build Your Own (BYO) advent calendar option this year, allowing you to choose exactly which teas you’d like behind every door. Who doesn’t love a personal touch?

English Tea Shop, Green Book Style Advent Calendar, available from Amazon, £9.80

This do-good company sources their tea from Sri Lanka and is big on sustainability, holding both Soil Association and Fairtrade certifications. We love that. We’re also pretty crazy for their book-style calendar – tied together with a big red bow – and the fact that it comes in at less than a tenner. Discover flavours such as gingerbread treat and super star anise inside. 

Whittard, The Luxury Tea Advent Calendar, £60

 With its double-doored front, geometric design and pretty pull-out drawers, we couldn’t help but fall in love with this stunning calendar from Whittard. Each drawer contains four teabags so it’s a great one to share with the rest of your tea-loving family. Then, refill with all your favourite teas and use it again next year!

Pukka, Christmas calendar, available from Waitrose & Partners, £10

Pukka’s pretty fold-away calendar makes a really lovely, low-fuss option. With 24 teas set against a concertina-like piece of card, we love the simplicity behind this one. Hang it on the back of your bedroom door to add some Christmas cheer to your room!

Teapigs, 24 days of Teapigs, £29.99

Another brand that takes sustainability seriously, Teapigs is one of our go-to teas in the office. We love the beautiful (and biodegradable) gauze teabags and you’ll find all the classics inside this one, plus a selection of new flavours. The design is particularly note-worthy too. It comes wrapped in a neat cardboard casing (but the whole calendar is made of cardboard and so fully recyclable too), folds out into a stand-up calendar and is double-sided – for double the fun!

Fortnum and Mason, Christmas tea lovers advent calendar, £25

We love the classic Christmas colours of Fortnum and Mason’s offering. It’s decorated in a green, red and gold design, that has an almost regal feel to it, and opens like a book to reveal 24 enticing doors. Flavours include gin and tonic, chai, vanilla nougat, lemon curd as well as classic blends too. Available at £25, it’s certainly one of their more affordable calendars (they also do a wooden tea calendar for £145!)

Kusmi Tea advent calendar, €34.90 (requires international shipping)

Decorated in a snowy scene of red and gold, Kusmi Tea’s calendar will bring a touch of glamour to your home. And you won’t just find teabags behind its doors. Expect mini tins filled with loose-leaf teas, plus a teaspoon and tea infuser on extra special days. Rest assured Kusmi tea will treat you well for 24 tea-filled days.

Kusmi tea

Victoria Mae Designs tea advent calendar, available from Not On The High Street, £18

This calendar really will make every day extra special. A string of 25 hand-stitched teabag envelopes are each decorated with a unique design, while the fact that it’s handmade means that each envelope is sewn a little differently.

The teabags inside are from various well-known brands (PG Tips and Tetley, to name a couple) but you can choose which flavours you’d like to fill it with. You can also choose whether you’d like to hang the envelopes by order of date or mix them up as many conventional advent calendars do. Either way this gorgeous product would make a truly touching gift for someone special – or just for yourself!

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