There are plenty of dairy-free chocolate alternatives now available, meaning no one needs to go without their chocolate-fix! We’ve rounded up our favourite vegan-friendly chocolate products for you to enjoy as a treat this Veganuary.

As a self-professed chocoholic, it’s fair to say I was concerned after I pledged to take part in Veganuary. Would still I be able to find sweet treats that would satisfy my cravings? Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised by the breadth of vegan-friendly chocolate products on the market. Here are some of my top picks:


Despite an oh-so-creamy pistachio filling, this vegan-friendly bar is completely dairy free. It’s only small, so a great portion controller too.
Ombar Centres Pistachio, £1.99/35g, Planet Organic, Whole Foods
Per bar: 202kcal; 14.9g fat; 9.9g saturates; 9.7g sugar; 0g salt Image of Ombar Pistachio


The blend of goji berries and coconut flakes give luxe texture and delicious taste to this plant-based bar.
Pana Chocolate Coconut & Goji, £3.20/45g, Planet Organic, Wholefoods
Per 2 squares: 84kcal; 7g fat; 5g saturates; 3.2g sugars; 0g saltImage of Pana Chocolate Coconut & Goji


A hint of raspberry adds sharpness to this dark choc bar – perfect for sharing with someone special on an evening in.
Seed and Bean Organic Extra Dark Chocolate Coconut and Raspberry, £2.69/85g, Whole Foods, Planet Organic
Per 2 squares: 81kcal; 5.9g fat; 3.7g saturates; 4.3g sugars; 0g saltImage of Seed and Bean


Handmade in Mallorca, these thin dark chocolate squares melt in the mouth. The lavender and apricot blend delivers a gentle floral flavour.
Cachao Apricot and Lavender Chocolate Squares, £5.50/40g,
Per half pack (5 squares): 117kcal; 7.9g fat; 5.1g saturates; 5.4g sugars; 1.8g protein; 0g saltCachao Apricot & Lavender


Combining cocoa with dates, hazelnuts and almonds for heavenly taste, these gluten and dairy free truffles prove that less is more.
Nouri Chocolate and Hazelnuts, £3.99/100g (10x10g truffles),
Per truffle: 45kcal; 2.4g fat; 0.8g saturates; 3.2g sugars; 0g saltImage of nouri truffles


If ultra-sweet isn’t your thing, you’ll love this espresso-flavoured raw cacao bar. Plus, for each one sold, a tree is planted!
Nucao Espresso, £2.79/40g, Planet Organic
Per bar: 236kcal; 20g fat; 8.7g saturates; 5g sugars; 0g saltImage of Nucao Espresso


If you’re a fan of the energy ball trend, you’ll love these bite-sized free-from treats. A good switch-up from choccy biccies!
Kate Percy’s Go Bites Raspberry & Cacao, £1.76/36g (3x12g bites), supermarkets
Per pack: 141kcal; 4.5g fat; 0.6g saturates; 13.2g sugars; 0g saltKate Percy's Go Bites


The wintery flavour combination of this cinnamon-spiced tea is lovely. Best enjoyed after a long day at the office.
Aduna Relax Spiced Cinnamon Cacao tea pyramids, £3.99/41g (15 bags), selected Sainsbury’sImage of Aduna cacao tea


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