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17 Jul 2019

By Laura Day

Could your IBS be better in just nine weeks?

How’s your stomach feeling today? Bloated, cramped, gassy? Maybe it’s been days since you went to the toilet, or perhaps…

9 Jul 2019
July 2019 issue

By Ruby Dumbrell

What’s inside our July issue?

Everything you need to know about hormones  Having hot flushes or struggling with sleep? There's a good chance it's down…

28 Jun 2019
Natasha's Law

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

Natasha’s Law: how it will change food labelling

While packaged foods in supermarkets must already by law provide full allergen declarations on their packaging, until now, food defined as…

5 Jun 2019
red meat bowel cancer

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

Could lowering your red meat intake reduce your risk of bowel cancer?

Until now, the answer to how much red meat we should be eating has been pretty clear-cut. The Department of…

31 May 2019
June issue 2019

By Ruby Dumbrell

Five reasons why our June issue should be on your radar!

It's time to get the barbecue out!  Barbecue lovers rejoice; this month we've upped our BBQ game with five flavour-packed…

22 May 2019
Signs of sepsis

By the Healthy Food Guide team

What are the key signs of sepsis?

In the news today, Tom Ray, who woke from a coma to discover his arms and legs had been amputated…

8 May 2019
Healthy highlights

By the Healthy Food Guide team

Healthy highlights

From brand new products we think deserve a special spotlight, to new restaurant menus that cater for special diets, our…

30 Apr 2019
MAY 2019 issue

By Ruby Dumbrell

What’s inside our latest issue? The May magazine

Brunch inspiration From chocolate and banana pancakes to crispy fritters topped with smoked salmon, we’ve added our HFG twist to…

25 Apr 2019
Emma Thompson food poverty

By Niamh Leonard-Bedwell

Emma Thompson speaks out against child food poverty

As the ambassador of the Children’s Future Food Inquiry, this week Dame Emma Thompson spoke about the challenge of accessing healthy…

15 Apr 2019
Pret new menu

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

Pret has unveiled its brand new menu! Here are our healthiest menu picks…

It's the coffee shop's biggest menu change in 33 years and we're pretty excited to see the addition of gluten-free…

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