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19 Sep 2018

By Niamh Leonard-Bedwell

Should you try hot yoga?

Intended to offer a deeper stretch and a detoxifying effect on the body thanks to extra sweat production, ‘hot yoga’…

30 Aug 2018

By Ruby Dumbrell

10 reasons to buy our stunning September issue

As summer turns to autumn, the September 2018 issue of Healthy Food Guide provides nutritious and summery recipes to keep…

29 Aug 2018

By Niamh Leonard-Bedwell

10 ways to cut down on plastic

Just by switching from plastic scrubbers to cleaning cloths we can cut down on plastic. Foodie and food waste activist…

7 Aug 2018

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

Mediterranean portion size guide

The Mediterranean diet is bursting with vibrant, healthy ingredients, but it's important to keep an eye on serving sizes. Download our…

30 Jul 2018

By Ruby Dumbrell

10 reasons to buy our August issue

July has come and gone and August brings the promise of more sunny days and warm evenings. It's the perfect…

30 Jul 2018

By the Healthy Food Guide team

Reduce your risk of bowel cancer with these 5 foods

One of the most preventable forms of cancer, research has shown strong links between bowel cancer and a poor diet,…

26 Jul 2018

By the Healthy Food Guide team

New 100% biodegradable wrapping for subscribers

Healthy Food Guide subscriber? We’re delighted to say that from August 2018, subscriber copies of Healthy Food Guide will be…

13 Jul 2018

By the Healthy Food Guide team

Why extra exercise benefits your brain and your gut

We all know that a regular exercise regime helps us lose or maintain weight, boosts happiness and improves our heart…

12 Jul 2018
image of brighton pier in summer

By Isabeau Brimeau

A vegetarian and vegan guide to eating out in Brighton

By Izzy Brimeau Travelling the UK as a vegetarian or vegan can sometimes prove limiting. Thankfully, visiting Brighton is not. …

6 Jul 2018

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

10 quick hacks for boosting summer skin

By nutrition editor Amanda Ursell With another two weeks of intense summer sun coming our way, your skin is at…

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