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With a Journal of Food Science study suggesting edible flowers could have disease-fighting properties, our container ideas look good and taste good. Get yours ready with our tips below, now the planting season is in full force.

Heaven scent

Plant: Centre a pot-happy rose (try tangerine ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’) in a container and surround with lavenders and pansies.
Make: Infuse compotes with rose petals, flavour cookies with lavender buds and crystallise whole pansie heads for decorations.

Hot tub

Plant: Combine zesty-hued chrysanthemum with rosemary, and push nasturtium and marigold seeds in between.
Make: Muddle rosemary flowers with paprika for rubs, mash fiery marigold petals in low fat spreads, and add nasturtiums to salads.

Potty for purple

Plant: Pair smiley-faced, purple violas with chives and cornflower seeds.
Make: These look stunning in salads: cornflower petals add indigo and spice; punk-rocker chive heads, an onion zing; and whole violas, a lettuce-like crunch.

Patio mixer

Plant: A planter of primroses interspersed with lemon balm and borage seeds will perk up your mocktails.
Make: Steep lemon balm leaves for iced-tea and add whole primrose flowers or azure borage buds (avoid older, prickly ones) for a hint of cucumber.