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The likelihood is you’ve struggled with sleep at some point in your life, whether it’s due to stress, too much late-night stimulation, sensitivity to caffeine and more. So this month, we’ve devoted a special section of the magazine to SLEEP. How much we really need, ways to reduce stress, trouble-shooting problems and eating the right foods are all points we discuss, to help you on your way to a better night’s rest. Find out what Dr Neil Stanley has to say about the research behind it all.


Dietician Juliette Kellow discusses how to navigate life’s stresses without letting it take a toll on your weight. And for World Vegan Month, Amanda Ursell rounds up some of her favourite plant-based protein sources to keep you feeling full and satisfied, if you’re making the switch.

Find all our sensational soup recipes to hail in cooler autumnal days and don’t miss all our healthy midweek winners, designed to take the hassle out of eating well on weeknights.

Speedy soup recipes

And for those of you with a sweeter tooth, you’re going to love our flourless chocolate cake. It’s oh-so gooey and decadent tasting that you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see the nutritional breakdown…

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