Cancer: healthy eating and nutrition advice

Breast cancer cookbook
Clearing up diet confusion with The Breast Cancer Cookbook

Are there foods you should add or cut out if you’ve had cancer? The Breast Cancer Cookbook clears up the…

breast cancer post-treatment
Breast cancer post-treatment plan

HFG experts Dr Dawn Harper and nutritionist Amanda Ursell look at how you’re likely to be feeling when you come…

acrylamide toast
The link between acrylamide, food and cancer

All you need to know about this possible carcinogen and how it affects how you cook at home   The…

reduce cancer risk
10 ways to reduce your cancer risk

We’re continually learning about the lifestyle factors that may reduce our risk of cancer. Here are simple changes you can…

7 ways to eat well while on chemotherapy

Eating a healthy diet while on chemotherapy can be difficult when tastebuds and appetite are hampered. Our nutritionist has the…

Which drinks will help cut your cancer risk?

There’s no one particular food or drink you can eat to beat cancer – but including these easy drinks ideas…

Processed meat and cancer

Is it just a scare, or should we believe the headlines that tell us to avoid ham and bacon altogether…

Food swaps to lower your cancer risk

Everyday swaps   Switch salt for herbs All herbs are great for adding flavour without the need for salt, but…

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