Health checks

health benefits of leafy greens

What are the health benefits of leafy greens

Find out exactly why greens are good for you! Broccoli, kale and spinach are packed with nutrients and help protect…

Image of Michelle Heaton

How I stay healthy: Michelle Heaton

Liberty X singer and one of the stars of TV’s The Real Full Monty, Michelle Heaton, 38, experienced a premature…

lyme disease

How to identify Lyme disease

While a picnic in the country or a walk through fields seems an idyllic way to spend an afternoon, there…

10 ways to cut down on drinking

The recommended alcohol limits from the Department of Health are no more than 14 units for both men and women,…

How many units are you drinking?

Download our guide to check how many units are in popular drinks

How diet can reverse pre-diabetes

We're hearing a lot about type 2 diabetes reaching crisis point in the UK Diabetes UK estimates up to 11.5 million people…

am i healthy

Are you as healthy as you think?

1. Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) Being too light or too heavy can increase our chances of ill health.…

What does a healthy body look like?

What does a healthy body look like?

Don’t worry if you don’t look like the bodies in magazines. Healthy bodies can come in all shapes and sizes.…

Give yourself a health MOT

As well as having those all-important checks at the doctor, it's useful to take note of the signs your body…

Ask your GP for these health checks

Did you know your doctor or nurse can conduct these important health checks? Ask about them at your next appointment……

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