health benefits of leafy greens

What are the health benefits of leafy greens

Find out exactly why greens are good for you! Broccoli, kale and spinach are packed with nutrients and help protect…

health benefits of onions

What are the health benefits of onions (and other alliums)

These pungent veg, all members of the allium family, add lots of flavour to our diet. They’re also packed with…

Image of oatcakes and rice cake

Which are healthier: oatcakes or rice cakes?

We want our crunchy snacks to satisfy, but which is the most nutritious nibble to fill the gap? Dietitian Jennifer…


7 ways to cut your risk of stroke

The 7 ways you can cut your risk of stroke... Take 
medication If you’ve already had a stroke you will…

Could this diet reverse heart disease?

We know that simple lifestyle changes can help prevent heart disease, but now scientific research has discovered we can also…

benefits of raw cacao

What are the benefits of raw cacao?

Discover the difference between cocoa and cacao, what makes the latter healthy and how to use it with this simple…

why we need omega 3

Why we need omega-3

Omega-3 is vital to our health and wellbeing and many of us fall short of this essential fat Omega-3 fats…

What are the benefits of hemp?

As heart-friendly seeds and oil or dairy-free ‘milk’, this age-old crop has shaken off its hippy reputation to enter the…

6 ways to age-proof your heart

The risk of developing cardiovascular disease increases with age. This includes all the diseases of the heart and blood vessels,…

Is there a link between chocolate and health?

We know it probably has some health benefits, but recent headlines have made extraordinary claims. Nutritionist Fiona Hunter has the…

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