High blood pressure

health benefits of leafy greens

What are the health benefits of leafy greens

Find out exactly why greens are good for you! Broccoli, kale and spinach are packed with nutrients and help protect…

health benefits of onions

What are the health benefits of onions (and other alliums)

These pungent veg, all members of the allium family, add lots of flavour to our diet. They’re also packed with…

Image of Horlicks and chamomile tea

Which is healthier: Horlicks Light or chamomile tea?

Both Horlicks and chamomile tea have a good reputation for sending you off to the land of nod. But which is…


7 ways to cut your risk of stroke

The 7 ways you can cut your risk of stroke... Take 
medication If you’ve already had a stroke you will…

Eating less meat

5 benefits of eating less meat

Cutting down on red meat and having more meat-free days makes health sense. Here are five reasons why a plant-based…

How to reduce your risk of stroke

Knowing your blood pressure reading and making any necessary lifestyle changes is essential to help protect yourself EVERY YEAR THERE…

Ask your GP for these health checks

Did you know your doctor or nurse can conduct these important health checks? Ask about them at your next appointment……

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