high cholesterol

7 ways to cut your risk of stroke

Cut your risk of experiencing a stroke or transient ischaemic attack (a warning that you risk a full-blown stroke) with…

10 things to know about cholesterol

The modern western diet means nearly all of us have higher blood cholesterol than we should. The result? We put on…

10 ways to lower your cholesterol

Worried about your levels? It’s easier than you may think to bring those levels down – and keep them there…

How the Portfolio Diet can help lower cholesterol

  The Portfolio Diet is an eating plan that has been proved to lower cholesterol. We explain how to follow…

5 benefits of eating less meat

Cutting down on red meat and having more meat-free days makes health sense. Here are five reasons why a plant-based…

Tips for healthy cholesterol levels

Six out of every 10 people in Britain have raised or abnormal levels of cholesterol, says Heart UK. But there’s…

Cholesterol: the myths versus the truth

Does high cholesterol affect overweight people only, and can eating eggs and shellfish make it worse? We separate fact from…

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