7 ways to cut your risk of stroke

The 7 ways you can cut your risk of stroke... Take 
medication If you’ve already had a stroke you will…

What are the benefits of vanilla?

What are the benefits of vanilla?

It’s not just a great ice-cream flavour, but this naturally sweet spice makes a healthy stand-in for sugar, as well…

Healthy carbohydrates guide

Healthy carbohydrates guide

How to eat carbohydrates the healthier way with our definitive 4-page guide to nutritious choices, plus a low-sugar meal plan…

How to train your taste buds

The more fat we eat the less sensitive we become to it. Learn how you can train your taste buds…

5 ways fat leads us astray

Trying to lose weight by limiting your fat intake is a tough call – especially when food manufacturers try hard…

Why are our taste buds hooked on fat?

Do you ever reach for a third helping of broccoli or find yourself craving steamed fish mid-afternoon?   The sad…

Weight-loss star: Angela Foker

Our weight-loss star, Angela Foker, tells us the inspiring story of how she lost eight stone   My wake-up call I…

am i healthy

Are you as healthy as you think?

1. Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) Being too light or too heavy can increase our chances of ill health.…

What does a healthy body look like?

What does a healthy body look like?

Don’t worry if you don’t look like the bodies in magazines. Healthy bodies can come in all shapes and sizes.…

does sugar cause obesity

Is sugar to blame for obesity?

Consuming an excessive amount of sugar may contribute to weight gain – but whether it’s sugar itself that’s responsible, or the…

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