Plant-based protein portion
Plant-based protein portion guide

Download our plant-based protein portion guide, which is an ideal guide for vegetarians and vegans   Protein is essential for…

6 ways to add protein to your breakfast

Energy levels slump mid-morning? It's easy to forget about eating protein at breakfast but if you include it, you should…

protein powder
Do you need protein powders?

They promise mega nutrients, with a price tag to match, so are protein and ‘superfood’ powders worth buying? Dietitian Jennifer…

Top 10 sources of meat-free protein

HFG recipe consultant Phil Mundy rounds up the smart choices for vegetarians Adults need around 0.75g protein per kg bodyweight…

Fermented foods
Super fermented foods

What do cottage cheese, tempeh and kimchi have in common? They are all super fermented foods and your gut loves…

How to eat a healthy vegetarian diet

Don’t miss out on essential nutrients by cutting out meat. Here’s what you need and how to get it  …

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