Slow cooker beef Japanese braised beef

Healthy slow cooker beef recipes

Warm up with some hearty-yet-healthy slow cooker beef recipes. From a rich beef stroganoff to succulent slow-cooked pulled beef, all…

Are we really destined to eat insects?

Insect burgers may sound like an eccentric chef’s concoction, but they could soon be crawling on to 
our plates. British…

protein at breakfast

6 ways to add protein to your breakfast

1. Instead of... Plain porridge Try... Porridge made with milk and a handful of nuts or seeds and fruit. 2.…

Do you need protein powders?

Do you need protein powders?

They promise mega nutrients, with a price tag to match, so are protein and ‘superfood’ powders worth buying? Dietitian Jennifer…

meat-free protein

Top 10 sources of meat-free protein

Adults need around 0.75g protein per kg bodyweight daily (so, for someone weighing 60kg, that’s around 45g protein a day).…

How to eat a healthy vegetarian diet

Don’t miss out on essential nutrients by cutting out meat. Here’s what you need and how to get it  …

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