image of chocolate log

Which is healthier: chocolate yule log or stollen?

Not all indulgent treats are created equal. Read on to check whether your festive calories are better spent on chocolate…

Image of Horlicks and chamomile tea

Which is healthier: Horlicks Light or chamomile tea?

Both Horlicks and chamomile tea have a good reputation for sending you off to the land of nod. But which is…

Image of oatcakes and rice cake

Which are healthier: oatcakes or rice cakes?

We want our crunchy snacks to satisfy, but which is the most nutritious nibble to fill the gap? Dietitian Jennifer…

How much sugar in plant-based waters?

We’ve scored these on-trend waters on the HFG sugar-ometer THE NUTRITION LOWDOWN Recognising our endless desire to try something new,…

how much sugar in flavoured water

How much sugar in that flavoured water?

We don’t want to pour cold water on staying hydrated, but choose wisely, as not all flavoured varieties are a…

How much sugar in that cereal bar?

Full of good things like oats, how far from healthy can a cereal bar be? Take a look at the…

how much sugar in granola

How much sugar in that granola?

Be sugar smart Always look at the ingredients list, as well as the nutrition information. The values for sugars given…

hidden sugars in food guide

Hidden sugars guide

Sugars divide into two groups: 'free' and 'intrinsic'. We need to reduce our intake of free sugars as they offer…

Which sweetener for the job?

Useful for… Hot drinks Truvia Made from stevia, this is available as granulated powder, tablets and liquid. Use it in the same way…

Is there a link between chocolate and health?

We know it probably has some health benefits, but recent headlines have made extraordinary claims. Nutritionist Fiona Hunter has the…

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