weight-loss tips

eating for energy or pleasure
Are you eating for energy or pleasure?

Of course, we need food for survival. But as eating is also linked to pleasure, are we destined to overindulge?…

How to boost your metabolism

It's easy to blame a slow metabolism for those unwanted lbs. But is it scientific? We reveal the facts and…

How I stay healthy: Xand van Tulleken

Unlike his identical twin brother, Xand has struggled with his weight. His new book explains how he lost over 6st…

reverse type 2 diabetes
‘How I reversed my type 2 diabetes’

The success of a low-calorie diet motivated Nick to continue eating healthily   Having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes,…

How to stick with weight loss

Another new year, another diet plan? If losing weight hasn’t worked out before, it’s time to look at why –…

kitchen making you fat
4 ways your kitchen is making you fat (and how to fix it)

Research says our environment can influence our waistline. Use these tricks to slim down your kitchen – and yourself  …

medication weight gain
When medication causes weight gain

If exercising regularly and eating right isn’t shifting the pounds, could your medication be to blame?   It’s thought around…

weight loss plateau
4 ways to overcome a weight-loss plateau

Weight loss slowed down? You could be on a weight loss plateau. Registered nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker leads you off it…

healthy cooking techniques
12 techniques every healthy cook needs to know

It’s not just what you eat, but how you prep and cook food, that can increase your intake of nutrients,…

winter weight loss
8 cold-weather calorie burners

You don't necessarily have to exercise more to burn calories in the cold months. The secret lies in brown fat,…

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