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Whether you’re lactose-free, vegan or just not a massive fan of cow’s milk, the rise in popularity of dairy-free milks means there is now an overwhelming choice on supermarket shelves. It can be difficult to know where to start so we’ve taken it back to basics: find out what they are and how best to serve them with our easy-to-follow guides.

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Coconut milk and seed porridge

What does it taste like?

With a much more distinctive taste than oat and almond varieties, coconut milk isn’t everyones cup of tea. However, if you like the tropical, creamy and nutty flavour of fresh coconut then this one is for you.

What’s the (nutritional) breakdown?

Coconut milk is quite high in saturated fat so use sparingly if you’re trying to watch your calorie intake. However, most commercial coconut drinks tend to be thinned out with water (approx 50 cals per 100ml) making them suitable for everyday cooking .

How to use it?

Coconut milk works well in sweet and savoury dishes alike. It’s often used in Asian cooking and makes a delicious addition to curriessoups and laksas.

Why not whip up a bowl of our coconut milk and seed porridge to start your day off strong? Or give this overnight oats recipe a go.

Deliciously Ella’s coconut Thai curry with chickpeas

Some of our favourites:

We like Plenish organic coconut milk (Ocado, £2.50) as it contains just coconut milk, water, rice and sea salt.

Plenish Organic Coconut Milk

Tesco’s own-brand coconut milk (£1.25) scored top points for both its low calorie content (only 17 cals per 100ml) and price. It does contain sugar though so watch out if you’re trying to dodge the sweet stuff!

More healthy recipes using coconut milk:

Coconut curry soup with carrot noodles
Pine-lime and coconut pops
Mango and coconut tapioca puddings
Veg and lentil curry with coconut rice

Note: swap tinned coconut milk in the recipes above for drinking coconut milk for an even lighter twist.