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Chilli beef pies with sweet potato topping

A spicy twist on the classic cottage pie. The filling is so good I often make that on its own and serve it as chilli con carne – the grated carrot and courgette adds bulk, making the dish stretch further.

Chilli beef pie

Roast chicken and Mediterranean veg

I’ve not actually made this recipe, I confess, but I’ve eaten it countless times at my parents’ house and it’s so good! Minimal washing up, too.

Mediterranean chicken

Dairy-free pancakes

On Saturday mornings, it has to be pancakes. I’m not dairy intolerant, but I love the subtle nutty flavour the almond milk gives these fluffy little treats. Flipping marvellous…

Dairy free pancakes

Tomato, veggie sausage & bean summer stew

Because who doesn’t love a sausage casserole…?

Sausage casserole

Coconut milk and seed porridge

I’m a porridge in all seasons kinda girl. This sweet and nutty recipe has a touch of the tropical about it, so it’s perfect for summer mornings – ideally eaten in the garden.

Seed porridge

Feta and caramelised onion frittata

It’s all about the frittata in my house at the moment. Super cheap, super quick, super versatile. And the leftovers make great lunchbox fillers.


Grilled salmon burgers with caper dressing

I’m not a massive fan of burgers, but I can get on board with this one. The crunch of the rye bun, the sharpness of the dressing and the crisp but tender salmon fillet… All it needs is a side of sunshine and a glass of chilled white wine.

Salmon burger

Sweet potato, chickpea and egg bowl

Three of my favourite ingredients in one delicious bowlful – happy days!

Salad bowl

Pumpkin and red lentil soup

When the weather cools, I crave a steaming bowl of soup at lunchtime. I’ve made this recipe so many times I know it by heart! I cook up a bucket-load, then freeze it in portions ready to reheat at the office.


Greek salad with lamb

I love the Greek islands and one mouthful of this fragrant salad takes me right to a beachside taverna in Kefalonia.