Laura was previously the editorial assistant on Healthy Food Guide. She is now a freelance journalist specialising in health, wellbeing, food & travel.

Salmon with peanut and sesame noodles
There are two things I love about this recipe; one: it’s an almost no-cook recipe which is great for late nights, and two: the low sugar sauce. I never buy stir-fry sauces, and why would you with this bung-it-all-together delicious peanut butter, lime and soy combo? I make it at every opportunity.


Chocolate coconut and date energy balls
So easy and my goodness are they chocolatey. Not only are they a great way to bring you back after a gym session, but I turf them out for friends as after-dinner bites.


Sweet potatoes with black beans
Mexican-inspired baked potato with beans? Genius. It’s fresh and uplifting, and is the recipe that turned me into a black bean convert. Bonus: it’s all of your five-a-day.


Nut butter, berries and cocoa on toast
You might think berries on toast doesn’t work. It does.


Roasted veg frittata
The humble frittata is excellent for several things: packing in more veg, keeping you fuller for longer and for taking on picnics. Have eggs? Have veg? You have frittata.


Banana, nut and berry blast smoothie
If I haven’t made chocolate date balls (above), then I’ll quickly blend up this really scrumptious smoothie for supping after weight training.


Chicken and quinoa loaf
So much flavour is packed into this quinoa loaf (yes, quinoa!). It’s the recipe I wheel out for packed lunches, or really any time I just want to eat something darn delicious.


Boiled eggs with dukkah soldiers
I was 27 years late to boiled eggs. Now just try and stop me, especially when I’m dipping toast, avocado and dukkah into this high protein, soft-boiled heaven.


Mackerel marinated with beetroot and horseradish
I’m on a mission to eat more oily fish every week, and mackerel is my go-to choice. You can’t go wrong with the beetroot and horseradish combo, which for economy I add to canned mackerel fillets instead of fresh.


Plum, meringue and pistachio pots
I always look forward to stone fruit season, but all the more since I discovered this recipe. Syrupy baked plums with chopped pistachios and a hint of maple syrup – how can you go wrong?