Liz is the assistant editor at Healthy Food Guide. She worries about having a sedentary job – so she started a trend in the office for standing desks.

  1. Yogurt pannacottas with passionfruit


I love traditional pannacotta but just can’t bring myself to down around 600kcal in one little pud. This is a lovely alternative – everybody’s pleasantly surprised when they taste it and hear it’s made with fat-free yogurt instead of cream.

  1. Prawn and pea pesto pasta


Love pasta, love peas, love pesto. It’s the simplicity of this dish that keeps me coming back. Using wholewheat spaghetti stops me overloading my plate as it’s so filling.

  1. Date, fig and orange oatmeal bars


I don’t particularly enjoy eating dates on their own, but baking with them provides a wonderful sweet chewiness, which is kind of an essential for my snacks…

  1. Seared lamb with minty pea mash


Sometimes only meat and two veg will do. Actually, I could probably eat the minty mash with just about anything. Try it.

  1. Cherry and oat flapjack


Ah, coming home from school to the smell of my mum’s amazing flapjack… Pure comfort. These days I try to avoid too much butter and sugar and I’ve found this a very close substitute, with a lovely nutty flavour.

  1. Dauphinoise potatoes


One regret about cutting down on cream (a weakness of mine) is losing out on my favourite way to eat potatoes. Then along came this HFG makeover! I love the rich flavours.

  1. Luxury picnic loaf


Make this the night before your next picnic with friends – appreciation guaranteed. I’m going to have it over the next bank holiday even if I have to eat it in the living room.

  1. Salmon & potatoes with gremolata crumbs


Most of us aren’t getting enough omega-3 fats – but this is one of those delicious recipes that make it easy to eat more oily fish. Try switching the potatoes for rice cooked with a little fried onion.

  1. Blueberry & apple ginger squares


Fruity, moist and yummy… It’s rare for gluten-free cakes to get the thumbs-up from me (I’m fussy about texture), but these hit the spot. They keep well for a couple of days – some might say they get better…

  1. Savoury muffins


We took a batch of these for people to sample at this year’s Allergy & Free From Show. They went down well, and you can experiment with the ingredients to your heart’s content.