Melanie Leyshon is the editor of Healthy Food Guide magazine. She's a flexitarian and couldn’t get through the week without yogurt and yoga.

1. Moroccan lamb burgers
I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve made these leaner spicy burgers. I even keep them stocked in my freezer. All in – bun, burger, orange coleslaw – it’s only a 562kcal meal.


2. Lamb and chickpea curry
Being Welsh, lamb features widely in my meat recipe repertoire. This is my go-to recipe for a Friday night curry – it’s a lot less fatty than my local takeaway offerings.


3. Zesty roast chicken
Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without a roast, and this herby recipe ticks the boxes – healthy, tasty, easy! When it comes to serving, I trim off the skin to save even more calories (sometimes).


4. Gluten-free cauliflower pizza
I love a health food trend that works, and this one delivers on taste and novelty factor. Swapping the bread crust for a cauliflower base lightens the carb load.


5. Healthier tomato soup with basil
I usually have soup for lunch, as I’m not a sarnie fan. In summer, when there’s a glut of cheap tomatoes in our local market, I make this recipe. You may have seen it already, as it featured as a healthy budget option on Gloria Hunniford’s Rip-off Britain TV programme.


6. Bircher muesli
I only got into this make-ahead oaty breakfast a few years ago. Now I’m hooked. I prepare it the night before, as I’m not great first thing in the morning. It’s easy to vary the fruit depending on the season, too.


7. Chocolate coconut date balls
A revelation! These no-cook, hand-rolled treats are therapeutic to make (who doesn’t like a quick coating in desiccated coconut?). They’re only 94kcal each and they keep for up to 3 weeks, or you can freeze a batch. I’ve always got some in my biscuit tin.


8. Lentil and aubergine gratin
I’ve cut down on meat, and eat veggie a few times a week. This dish is meat free, but still high in protein. I make it on a Sunday night, ready to heat up when I get in from work on busy weeknights.


9. Thai chicken noodles
This was the recipe on the cover of our best-selling January 2016 issue. It’s not just a pretty dish – it’s low cal, low fat and low saturates, and it’s in the bowl and ready to eat in just 30 min.


10. Healthier crème caramel
It only takes four ingredients and 15 min prep to make these little wonders – and they’re just 145kcal. I should make them more often!