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Finding breakfast ideas that excite and set you up for the day is a difficult enough task, but when you’re avoiding gluten, inspiration can seem that little bit harder to come by.

We’re often told how important it is to eat well at the start of the day, but the morning rush and a shortage of great-tasting, gluten-free ideas can mean make-do storecupboard options or grab-on-the-go snacks are the number one choices.

Don’t feel frustrated, though – it’s easy to incorporate a creative and nutritious breakfast into your morning, whether you have a leisurely weekend ahead or just five midweek minutes to spare.

Let us guide you… Take a look at these four delicious gluten-free suggestions:

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The calcium boost

Perfect for a healthy breakfast in a hurry!

Get the recipe for mixed berry smoothie with Schär Breakfast Bakes biscuits



The digestive boost

This quick and easy breakfast is full of fibre-rich ingredients, great for boosting digestive health

Get the recipe for banana toasts

banna toasts


The weekend treat

The ideal choice for a lazy weekend

Get the recipe for French toast sticks with maple syrup

French toast sticks


The energiser

Start your day by getting a B vitamin and iron boost with this delicious recipe

Get the recipe for spinach and eggs on ciabatta

spinach and eggs on ciabatta


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