Ellie is the acting assistant digital editor for Healthy Food Guide. She loves cooking, dabbles in Crossfit and is a true believer that peanut butter makes everything better.

You’ll always find us with one of these protein-powered snacks in our (gym) bags. Check out our favourite high-protein picks here…

The Protein Ball Company peanut butter balls

These little balls might be small but each bag packs a mighty protein and nutritional punch. We love that each flavour is customised with different types of protein sources: choose from whey, vegan and egg white options. In a taste test hosted by the Healthy Food Guide team, the peanut butter flavour came out top.

Protein punch? 10g protein per 45g pack

Vive salted caramel snack bar

We’re all for supporting healthy start-ups so we were delighted when we tasted – and fell in love with – Vive’s new all-natural, plant-based protein bars. They’re made of pea and rice protein powder, dates, nuts and are covered in a dark chocolate coating. They’re quite high in fat though so take care if you’re watching your intake – think of them like a healthier Snickers!

Protein punch? 10g protein per 49g bar

Vive salted caramel snack bar

Lindhals Kvarg quark pots (and drinks)

We’re a little bit obsessed with these quark-based snacks. Low in fat and high in protein, you’ll constantly find us snacking on the quark pots when we get a little peckish at our desks. They’re also available in drink-form too and at 23g per bottle, are brilliant for post-workout recovery! Opt for vanilla if you’re feeling decadent (it tastes like ice cream) or try one of their fruity flavours for something light and refreshing.

Protein punch? POT: 17g protein per 150g pot/DRINK: 23g protein per 330ml bottle

lindhals quark pots

Vieve’s orange and mango protein water

If you can’t stomach the thought of downing a milky shake after a workout, Vieve’s protein water could be for you. We know, it does sound a bit odd, but wait until you try it! With a  similar flavour to squash, it’s super fruity, fairly sweet (it does contain sweeteners) and packs 20g of protein into every bottle – for just 85 calories. It’s easy, light and hydrating, too, so as far as convenient protein sources go, this is a great one.

Protein punch? 20g per 500ml bottle


Eat Natural peanut and chocolate bar

This has got to be our favourite and affordable (90p per bar) nutty snack. It’s mostly peanuts, which is where all the protein comes from (plus a few crunchy soya crispies) and the addition of dark chocolate chips gives it the indulgent-factor. We love it – and it’s gluten-free too.

Protein punch? 10g protein per 45g bar

Root One chickpea pasta

Ok, perhaps chickpea pasta doesn’t really count as a snack but hear us out. A little lower in carbs and much higher in protein and fibre than regular pasta, it makes a great on-the-go lunch option, especially when bulked out with lots of veggies. The texture is a little crumbly but we kinda’ like it! Plus, it will keep you feeling full throughout the afternoon – so no more sweet cravings!

Protein punch? 12g protein per 50g serving

Pulsin maple and whey protein booster

We were super impressed at the protein content of Pulsin’s protein booster range, with their maple flavour coming out top. Again, watch out for the fat and sugar content –  we recommend enjoying them as  pre or post-workout fuel due to a good balance of carbohydrates and protein.

Protein punch? 15g protein per 50g bar

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