The Healthy Food Guide team believe that making small diet and lifestyle changes brings the best long-term gains. We look at the science behind the headlines and promote a balanced way of eating.

From brand new products we think deserve a special spotlight, to new restaurant menus that cater for special diets, our Healthy Highlights blog tries to separate fab foods from fad foods and bring you the best of the bunch.

This week’s Healthy Heroes…

Eco ice lollies

Wrapped in 100% compostable packaging and containing just 61 calories a pop, these Mango Raspberry ice lollies by Lickalix are truly guilt-free. Plus, they’re free of allergens, making them suitable for the whole family. You can buy them from Ocado and they come in a range of other delicious flavours, including Strawberry Lemonade, Oh  So Berry and Citrus Burst. We’ll be keeping a stash in the freezer for when the warmer weather hits. healthy highlights

Vegan chocolate

For anyone who has ever turned their nose up at vegan chocolate, we challenge you not to enjoy eating one of these decadently creamy dairy-free bars from Ombar. It was hard to pick a favourite flavour out of their wide selection, but we think it might have to be the 60% Coconut, which combines coconut cream with raw Ecuadorian cacao. Just remember that all chocolate is a treat, so stick to one of these small bars at most to avoid sugar and fat overload!healthy highlights

This week’s Healthy Hotspot…

Power Yoga at Core Collective, Knightsbridge

To refresh and revitalise, we went along to an exclusive Power Yoga session at the Core Collective gym in Knightsbridge. What’s special about practicing yoga in this particular studio is the accompanying Creston technology light and sound system at play. Integrated by London-based automation specialist KNEKTD and supplied by Technological Innovations Group (TIG),  the high-tech system allows the teacher to adapt the lighting and music to specifically fit the mood of the class. (We’re guessing things looked a bit more intense in the TRX  studio next-door!)

healthy highlights

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In case you missed it:
Last week’s Healthy Hero…

Non-alcoholic cocktails

There’s a new spritz on the block and the best part is, it will leave you feeling hangover-free. Bartender and conservation biologist Paul Mathew has recently launched Everleaf, an entirely natural non-alcoholic spritz. With tropical bittersweet flavours, we tried some Everleaf with soda water and slice of orange to make a delicious alcohol-free “Aperol spritz”.

Non-alcoholic cocktail

Milk alternative: hemp

You’ve probably tried soya milk with your cereal or almond milk in a smoothie, but have you even heard of hemp milk? We got to try out Good Hemp’s new range of hemp milks and we were pleasantly surprised. Hemp milk has a slightly nutty taste and creamy texture that’s great for frothing and is another great alternative to consider if you’re avoiding dairy. We were stunned to find out that it actually has twice the omega 3 of a tuna steak! 

Hemp milk

CBD oil

You may have heard the term “CBD” popping up all over the health world. So, what exactly is it? CBD (which stands for Cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis flower. Popularly sold as a natural therapeutic remedy, we’ve seen a lotof new CBD oils popping up recently and have been trying to sift through them all to discover the ones which actually work.

This week, we gave brand new OTO CBD oils a go. The oils have been designed in a similar way to roll-on perfume and there’s three scents to choose from – focus, amplify and balance. You roll each on your arms, forehead or neck in order to reap the benefits of each oil. Not convinced with the benefits of CBD oil? Click here to see what the NHS has to say

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