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From brand new products we think deserve a special spotlight, to new restaurant menus that cater for special diets, our Healthy Highlights blog tries to separate fab foods from fad foods and bring you the best of the bunch.

And there are so many festive products for Christmas 2019 that we had to mention a few of them! Find five of our faves down below…

This month’s Christmas Healthy Heroes…

Strong Roots chargrilled sprouts 

Strong Roots are changing the game when it comes to one of the most divisive festive foods: brussels sprouts. These easy-to-cook sprouts are coated in a non-dairy balsamic butter glaze (yes, they’re vegan, too) so that they go gorgeously soft, sticky, salty and gnarly when you cook them. Pop in the oven or pan-fry over a hob – the latter will yield even crispier results!

strong roots sprouts

Linda McCartney Vegetarian Roast with Apple and Pomegranate Sauce

This is great option for those who want a closer replacement to Christmas turkey, but without the meat! Linda McCartney will always hold a special place in our hearts (they basically reinvented the vegetarian sausage) and they’ve brought out three new products for Christmas this year. This soya-based roast is one of them and would make a really great vegetarian main. It’s filled with lentils, sultanas, millet and pumpkin seeds, which gives it a satisfying crunch, and served with a sticky apple and pomegranate sauce. The sauce is super sweet so you don’t need too much – just spread over the top to glaze and it’s ready to be served.

Linda Mccartneys Vegetarian Roast

Pip & Nut Pumpkin Spiced Nut Butter

We like to think that our nut butter radar is pretty strong, so when we heard that one of our faves, Pip & Nut, had released a brand new limited-edition flavour for Christmas, we were all over it. Say hello to their new pumpkin spiced almond butter. As ever, it’s fabulously drizzly and silky smooth, which is exactly what we love about Pip & Nut’s range. Sweetened with agave syrup and spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, you’ll find us dolloping generous spoonfuls on our porridge throughout December.

almond butter spiced

COOK Butternut Squash Nut Roast Stacks

Worried about what you’re going to feed the vegetarians at the table this year? Or looking to go a little more meat-free yourself? There are so many brilliant veggie options out there but COOK’s butternut squash roast stacks are one of the best we’ve tasted. The base is a mix of cashews, mushrooms, breadcrumbs and herbs and they’re each topped with slices of squash, plus tangy onions and cranberries. We found them to be a little soft once cooked (take extra care when transferring them from tray to plate), but it’s not a deal-breaker. £10 for two stacks.

Butternut Squash Nut Roast Stacks

Grenade Gingerbread Carb Killa Protein Bar

These are the treat we turn to when we want something a little more decadent, but without the sugar and fat of a chocolate bar. Plus, you get a decent dose of protein, too, at 20g per bar! Grenade have released their limited-edition Gingerbread flavour again this year and we’re bigs fans.

Itsu Christmas cracker gyoza

Itsu’s pretty pink gyoza are crammed with turkey, bacon, pork, sage and cranberry for a full on Christmas feast in this East-meets-West creation. Their fabulous pink colour comes from beetroot (all-natural of course) and each pack is only 302 calories. Pick one up with a side of miso soup for a light and festive lunch.

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