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From brand new products we think deserve a special spotlight, to new restaurant menus that cater for special diets, our Healthy Highlights blog tries to separate fab foods from fad foods and bring you the best of the bunch.

This week’s Healthy Heroes…

Let’s do shots….

No, not those kind of shots…We’re talking about these fantastic mini juice drinks by Plenish.  Choose from Ginger Ninja, B12 Blast or Gut Guardian for a small but mighty hit of the good stuff. Packed with ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, turmeric and fresh root ginger, they’re an easy way to get in lots of gut-friendly vitamins – plus, they’re super small so you can easily take one with you on the go! We like Ginger Ninja the best; it only contains three ingredients and has a seriously fiery flavour for a brilliant, all-natural pick-me-up.


It’s the healthy buzzword on the tip of everyone’s tongue and seems to be in just about everything these days. And now you can eat it too with these vegan CBD snack bars by Nooro.  We won’t lie, they do have a distinctly earthy flavour but we like to munch on them as a not-too-sweet snack to get us through peckish afternoons. The banana and cinnamon bar is our favourite for its caramel-like flavour.  And the packaging is fully compostable too!

New vegan spot! 

Chances are you’ve seen one of the Daisy Green Collection’s restaurants on Instagram recently. The Aussie-inspired restaurant is a mecca for health-enthusiasts and brunch aficionados, so we were chuffed to see that their Soho branch Scarlett Green has just launched a selection of brand-new plant-based plates that are, we can now confirm, just as insta-worthy (and delicious) as everything else they offer. Choose from the likes of smoked aubergine tacos, herbaceous pancakes, beetroot falafel, squash curry and vegan chocolate cake, all presented with the colourful, artistic flare that made the restaurant so famous in the first place. Each plate packs in plenty of vegetables and the dishes are light so they’re ideal for enjoying on warm summer evenings. So, if you’re planning a trip to London and in need of a healthy lunch or dinner spot, we recommend you make a visit.  See the menu, here
Scarlett Green4 Noel Street, Soho, London, W1F 8GB

In case you missed it:

Last week’s Healthy Heroes…


Summer rooftop yoga

Escape your worries and breathe in some fresh air at this new rooftop yoga class atop the Ham Yard Hotel. The luxury London-based hotel has partnered up with author and blogger Bettina’s kitchen to create a delicious and eye-catching plant-based menu to feature throughout summer as part of their Live Well Series. From watermelon and macadamia cheese salad to Swedish “meatballs”, Bettina has created a menu that will be exactly what you’re craving after a rooftop yoga session with Third Space.

Live Well Series

Our new go-to elevenses snack

Cru8 Choc chip cookies
If you’re into paleo brands, Cru8 should definitely be on your radar. We’ve always been big fans, especially of their rich paleo breads and now that they have launched their new paleo choc chip cookies, our obsession has grown. The cookies are made with a mixture of coconut and almond flour and are perfectly dense, chewy and just the right amount of sweetness – making them ideal for a pick-me-up desk snack.

Low-alcohol G&T


No alcohol? No problem! Give Atopia a try. Created by Hendrick’s master distiller and inspired by the on-going trend to be more mindful with our alcohol consumption, this new low-abv spirit tastes just like a G&T when mixed with ice and tonic. Enjoy your 5pm drink without fear of a hangover.

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