The Healthy Food Guide team believe that making small diet and lifestyle changes brings the best long-term gains. We look at the science behind the headlines and promote a balanced way of eating.

At HFG HQ, we receive countless products and new cookbooks to test, and we regularly hit the streets in search of ways to make healthy living easier/more enjoyable. Here, we share the best of the week’s discoveries…

We were bowled over… by this delicious coconut version of non-dairy hemp ‘milk’. Good Hemp Coconut is dairy, gluten and soya free – and exceedingly delicious and versatile. We couldn’t get enough of it, so we enjoyed it ice-cold as a drink (a 250ml glass has 85kcal and 50% of your daily omega-3 fatty acids),  poured it over our cereal and mixed it into our porridge. At £1.79 per 1 litre carton, it’s a little more expensive than regular cow’s milk – but we reckon it’s worth it.


We revisited our childhood… by turning Ready Brek Original Super Smooth Porridge (£2/450g, widely available) into a smoothie. All we did was whiz strawberries and blueberries with 150ml semi-skimmed milk with 1tbsp of the oats! One of your five-a-day in an instant – the kids’ll love it.


We were centre stage… at the Allergy and Free Show in London. Healthy Food Guide recipe consultant Phil Mundy demoed two gluten-free faves from our recipe archives. First up was a batch of savoury muffins, packed with grated butternut squash or carrot, feta and sun-dried tomatoes – great for lunchboxes or as an afternoon snack. The second recipe was gluten-free chocolate chip cookies using dark chocolate chips – cracking with a cuppa. How’s that for weekend baking inspiration…?


We reached healthy breakfast heights… 32 floors up at Aqua Shard. If you’re in the city looking for a morning meal with a view, this is the place to head. The menu is varied, with plenty of good-for-you options including eggs many ways, salmon and avo, and berries with yogurt. We settled for the Aberdeenshire stone ground oatmeal porridge, made with almond milk and finished with a hefty dose of chia seeds (hello omega-3s!) and a dollop of mixed berry compote (£6). Hearty and oh-so delicious.