We’ve been supporting… Combat Stress – the veterans’ mental health charity – by taking part in its #22PushUpChallenge. The challenge started in the US earlier this year and is catching on fast in the UK. It raises awareness and funds to help veterans’ suffering from PTSD and mental illness. Stepping up to the mat was our strongest candidate, HFG publishing director Adrienne Moyce. For 22 days in a row, Adrienne impressively ripped through the routine… while on holiday in Normandy, at home, in a corridor, in the office and even in a dress (see pic)! If you want to take part or nominate a friend for this cause, go to combatstress.org.uk and make an online donation at Everyday Hero.

Combat Stress pushup challenge

We’ve been playing with… a new all-in-one coffee machine to see if we can homebrew our own fancy lattes. The Ninja Coffee Bar promises a lot, but will it do away with the need for multiple machines? (Assistant ed Liz’s family is sure hoping for an end to the pod machine/cafetiere/stove-top pot muddle on the worktop). The novelty of the Ninja is that it makes a dazzling array of coffees, automatically adjusting the strength according to style/size/number of drinkers, so your results should be foolproof. The carafe option makes a respectable brew for a crowd, but our favourites are the latte/iced coffee functions, not least because there’s fun to be had in the making (the manual milk frother works a treat, too). At around £170 it’s going to need to be your one-stop-coffee-shop, but if you have a family or housemates with impossibly different preferences, it could be this year’s group present to self. You can pre-order from ninjacoffee.co.uk from 1 September.

We found the healthy holy grail… at new London hotspot, Rawligion. Raw, vegan and occasionally containing ingredients even we’ve never heard of, it’s the trendy foodie’s dream. Just two months young, everything (as you might expect) is raw: think pumpkin seed falafel on a delicious courgette hummus; kelp noodles with raw pesto; tomato marinara and sushi made with cauliflower rice. And not forgetting THE best ice coffee we’ve ever tasted, made with 12-hour cold-drip coffee and ‘brain mylk’ with walnuts, vanilla paste and medjool dates. We tried a bit of everything, and we’ll be going back, religiously.


We’re in barbecue mode… for the last of the summer sun. On our grill this weekend – Joe’s low-fat gluten-free sausages and beef burgers. They’re lean (and only around 3 per cent fat), but not mean on flavour. Order online at joessausages.co.uk. Serve them with our HFG Barbecue vegetable mix and Mamasita corn