The Healthy Food Guide team believe that making small diet and lifestyle changes brings the best long-term gains. We look at the science behind the headlines and promote a balanced way of eating.

At HFG HQ, we receive countless products and new cookbooks to test, and we regularly hit the streets in search of ways to make healthy living easier/more enjoyable. Here, we share the best of the week’s discoveries…

We restocked the healthy biscuit tin… We were intrigued when we came across a recipe for rye-gestives while flipping through River Cottage Light & Easy, the laid-back free-from resource from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. We were partial to digestives once-upon-a-time, so this recipe using rye – one of our favourite flours – with oatmeal, was too hard to ignore. We went with the suggested variation of adding ginger and reducing the sugar to 10g for a perfectly wholesome biscuit. Or, you can keep them plain for savoury purposes instead. Caution: dunkers beware – the biscuit crumb is too short to even touch a cup of tea. Get the recipe via Google books here


We breakfasted with Belvita… Hands up if you eat Belvita as a snack? You’re doing it wrong, according to the breakfast biscuit brand. We had our minds refreshed by Belvita over our favourite meal of the day that these biscuits are for breakfast and nothing in-between. Belvita is on a mission to get consumers eating the biscuit along with a portion of calcium and a piece of fruit for a more balanced and sustaining breakfast, which carry a 4-hour slow release health claim. We tried a Red Berry Soft Bake crumbled into low fat natural yogurt and fresh blueberries – just the sort of ingredients you can easily grab on your way into work if you’ve missed your usual breakfast.


We turned a glut of carrots into morning tea… with our carrot, honey & olive oil cake recipe. This impossibly moist loaf cake is perfect come 11am when the team coffee round gets going. We enjoyed it without the nutty yogurt side this time, but we can safely say that’s the perfect companion if you want to take it from tea-time cake to something erring on the side of pudding.


We upped our omega-3s… with help from M&S. It’s celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Lochmuir salmon – one fillet (120g) contains 100% of an adult’s weekly recommended intake (3g) of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids! Good news if you struggle to eat two portions of oil fish a week. It is also launching Scottish Lochmuir™ Salmon Paupiettes with Butternut Squash and Mascarpone in September. They’re delicious and only 317kcal per portion.


On a more indulgent note we have tried the new Melting Chocolate Domes, soon to be the star of its new TV ad campaign. It is an indulgent chocolate brownie on top of a crisp feuilletine layer, filled with creamy milk chocolate ganache and topped with a milk chocolate dome. Served with a rich chocolate pouring sauce (pictured before and after sauce application). However at 417kcal it isn’t completely off limits as an occasional treat.