Melanie Leyshon is the editor of Healthy Food Guide magazine. She's a flexitarian and couldn’t get through the week without yogurt and yoga.

Keep your peanut butter habit healthy with our easy guide to making your own

I always keep a large jar at home, but the contents mysteriously disappear before I get a chance to say ‘nut butter, berries and cocoa on toast?’!

So I was pleased to find out how easy it to make your own. Now I can whiz it up to order. You only need one ingredient – nuts. But you do need an industrial strength blade in a robust food processor. The tool du jour for this is a Vitamix. It’s a costly bit of kit – £459-£529, depending on the model – but essential if you have a serious smoothie, soup, nut milk and peanut butter habit (like me).

Once set up, I became quickly addicted to the machine’s easy recipes – green smoothies, banana ice and dips. The peanut butter is a doddle, and it’s delish as well as being healthy. No added salt or sugar.

How you make it

Tip 420g unsalted, unroasted raw nuts into the Vitamix jug and whizz for 10 seconds, starting gently at the slowest speed before gradually notching it up to high. Make it as crunchy or smoother as you like. But do process it slowly and not for longer than 1 min after it starts resembling butter as the machine can overheat and stall. And do use the tamper attachment to press down the mixture as you whiz as this helps to keep it all moving. If it does overheat you will need to wait 15 min before restarting. Store you finished peanut butter in an airtight container, well hidden from the finger-dipping masses!