30 tasty calorie-counted recipes, expert advice on health, diet and fitness and low sugar made easy are just a few of the reasons why you should pick up a copy of Healthy Food Guide today. To convince you a little more, here are 10 highlights from the April issue…

Why a good diet shows on your face
Healthy-looking skin is often the result of a well-balanced diet but lifestyle and environment can also play a part on a glowing, even tone. Find out how to live skin-friendly and what foods protect from the inside out.


Low-sugar bake (cover recipe)
We’ve given this traditional bake a healthy makeover so you can enjoy a slice of orange yogurt drizzle cake for less than 100 calories.


No, you don’t have to boycott Easter
Our Easter survival guide provides smart swaps, recommended chocolate, and ways to enjoy the holidays without having a diet disaster.


Easter weekend brunch cracked
Make the most of the long weekend with one of Linda Tubby’s lazy brunch recipes from her cookbook Cracked. This oven omelette is an easy, fail-safe way to feed the whole family – it’s egg-actly what you need.


Managing migraines
One in seven people are affected and the pain experienced can be crippling. We look into ways to deal with some common triggers, how to find your triggers and the steps you need to take to treat a migraine.


Family meals sorted
Five healthy midweek meals for you to add to your family dinner repertoire. This month these quick and easy recipes include beef and bean enchiladas.


The HFG get fit guide: Part one – running
We look at ways to encourage you to get fit and, for April,  we are getting ready to run. Find out what running is good for, how to get started and how to improve your technique.


Easter makeover
Enjoy a free-from Good Friday with our diary and gluten-free hot cross scone recipe. We’ve made them healthier by using unsweetened soya milk, less ingredients and a special blend of dried fruits.


Davina and the war on sugar
It’s near impossible to cut sugar out of your diet completely, but TV star Davina has tried her best and created several low-sugar recipes that are great for lunch or dinner and a moreish, low-calorie cake.


The short route to spice town
If you’re looking for a healthy curry in a hurry then we’ve got you sorted. Our quick, easy and flavoursome recipes are all ready in 45 minutes or less including this Thai green beef and veg curry.