Get fit and healthy by taking part in National Fitness Day. The HFG team show you how we got up and running, and cycling, and swimming…

The Healthy Food Guide team are a game bunch and love a health challenge, so we got enthusiastically stuck into National Fitness Day this morning (27 September).

We teamed up with UK Active, who organises the event, and our media partner healthcare provider AXA-PPP, to rope in as many of our colleagues and readers as we could into meeting the day’s challenge – doing one hour of fitness. See how the team got moving, below.

There’s still time to get involved and do your hour. Check out the National Fitness Day website to find free exercise classes and events near you. Then use #myflyingstart @nationalfitnessday to share your efforts, and tag us, too @healthyfoodmag

The hardest part of any challenge is getting started, so we hope this day helps kickstart your health and fitness plans. We also hope the resulting endorphins stay with you for the rest of the day. Keep exercising….

Hugh Thompson

A rather sweaty 8km run into work. I do a few detours to take me along the canal to Islington, down to St Paul’s, over Southwark Bridge and then I’ve arrived. It took 42 minutes today (slow), it’s not quite an hour but with warm ups and cool down, I’m probably there. I actually do about an hour of activity a day anyway, running four days a week interspersed with swimming/gym/tennis.

Laura Day

I like to alternate restorative yoga practices with those that create a little bit more heat, which is what I went for today. I follow YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene, and incorporated a crow balance practice at the end for some extra strength training.

Vic Grimshaw

My looooong walk in! Via Bethnal Green, Brick Lane and Tower Bridge…

Adrienne Moyce

6.30am spin and core class #myflyingstart #fitnessday@healthyfoodmag Not showing the post activity image #sweaty #fitness

Susan Low

I practise yoga as often as I can – I aim for 5 times a week at #yogahaven in Clapham – and am grateful for the mental space it gives me, as well as the physical workout. Best way to start the morning. And a bit of 7am inspirational Einstein doesn’t go amiss either… 😉 #londonyoga #wheelpose #dailyyoga

Julia Rich

Micro-scooting commuting this morning. It’s about 9km, so 18km total by the time I’m home tonight.

Sara Norman

Cycled to work for the first time, quite exhilarating, will definitely do it again!

Jocelyn Bowerman

I walked 4 miles to the office having got off my tube half way through my usual journey. I walked through autumn leaves, got stuck in a parade and saw the shard in the fog from the other side of the river. It was lovely!


Rebecca Almond

Less ‘flying’, more waddling… but here it is, #myflyingstart for @healthyfoodmag #nationalfitnessday #41weekspregnant #findwhatworks

Liz Atkins

We were given the chance to get to work an hour later this morning to get a good workout in, so I used the extra time to double the lengths of my twice-weekly pre-work swim this morning. I’m taking my wobbly knees to get a double coffee shot now.

Melanie Leyshon

Start in #HerneHill south London to London Bridge and my local landmark #theshard. #myflyingstart to#nationalfitnessday

Tina Betts

I took full advantage of doing exercise before work and did a 5k run. It’s a revelation that I got a train an hour later than I normally do, got a seat on the train and still made it to my desk for dead on 9.30. So may now try it a few more times a week before the dark mornings arrive… You never know I may finally get a PB at park run before the year is out.

Izzy Brimeau

I woke up at 6am to get to my Shred class at Fitness First. It’s 40 minutes of alternating hardcore HIIT and weights. It’s a struggle to get out of bed but I always feel amazing after the class. To take it to 60 minutes of exercise I walked from Waterloo to our offices at London Bridge. Now I can enjoy my evening knowing I’ve already worked out!

Martine Tinney

Morning ‘Jalk” with my pet Schnauzer Alfie (I want to Jog, and Alfie wants to walk!) Early start, it feels like night time still. No one around apart from the odd fox and guy who works in the city.
Great exercise for us both and a good start to the day : )

Issie Bradford

I love running – it clears my head, burns calories and I find it much easier to fit into my routine than going to a gym. I much prefer to run on the roads because there’s plenty to look at. This morning was a run around where I live in Tooting, then a quick weights workout at home.

Abigail Dodd

Skipped through the leaves on my way to work this morning. Great to have done 8000 steps before the day’s barely started!









Pippa Hester and Annabel Jackson
We decided to try out a yoga class after work. It was a really good way to end the day, stretching out all the muscles after sitting in the office all day. After an hour and a half session, we left feeling limber and pretty zen!