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Do you ever find yourself eating alone? Whether by choice or as a result of a change of circumstance, a third of us now regularly dine solo. While eating on your own can certainly have its pitfalls (a takeaway suddenly becomes much more tempting), there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that dining solo is no bad thing.

Dietitian Juliette Kellow looks at the reasons why meal times can become a solo affair and offers easy solutions to make them more sociable (and healthy). Plus, Phil Mundy shares 9 shortcuts for single-serve suppers and we’ve got 10 standout dinner recipes for one to prove just how brilliant cooking solo can be.

Of course, Healthy Food Guide are on hand to supply you with plenty of recipe inspiration. We dive into Tom Kerridge’s latest cookbook Lose Weight & Get Fit for some tasty low-carb options: there’s a fantastic fish curry, a tuna salad bowl and a recipe for rich chocolate chia puddings that you simply have to try. Consult our ultimate guide to noodles for everything you need to know about this staple in Asian cooking – discover the different types, which ones are healthier and 6 single-serve recipe ideas – and take a peek at our stunning cakes and bakes to fall in love with this Valentine’s Day.

In this month’s Special Section, we discuss the importance of brain health. Believe it or not, much like the body, your brain needs to be worked, fed and nourished to function optimally. From diet and exercise to learning new skills, we talk about the lifestyle changes you can make to flex your brain muscles and boost cognitive function .

And do you find it difficult to exercise –  whether from lack of motivation or time? We spoke to personal trainer and fitness Youtuber Lucy Wyndham-Read on how she went from avoiding exercise to writing her first book The 7-minute Body Plan. Plus, Lucy shares one of her 7-minute workouts for you to try at home, too. Because, let’s face it, everyone has 7 minutes

There’s plenty more health news, tips, recipes and more to dig your teeth into, but you’ll have to pick up a copy to discover it all.

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