Are there optimal times of day to eat, and how long should I leave between meals and snacks?

THERE ISN’T AN DEFINITIVE answer to your question, as an eating time that suits one person may not suit another. You really need to find what works for you.

There’s good evidence that eating breakfast can make a positive contribution to nutrient intakes and may help with weight control, so never skip it. There isn’t a specific time that breakfast should be eaten, but try not to leave it too long after waking – your body has been fasting overnight and not replenishing its energy stores can leave you feeling tired, hungry and unwell.

When it comes to planning dinner, it’s a good idea not to eat too close to bedtime as a full stomach may disrupt your sleep. But between these times you need to decide the best eating pattern for your lifestyle.

It’s important to be aware of your internal appetite signals. Eating for the sake of it can put you at risk of consuming too many calories and could make it difficult to control your weight, so try to wait until you’re hungry.