Kat was previously the digital assistant on Healthy Food Guide. Since leaving, she has completed a Le Cordon Bleu course and now runs a wedding cake company in Boston, Massachusetts

Eating seasonally means you can be pernickety about the quality of your produce. It means you can expect the best of the best mother nature has to offer. It means your spinach will be sweeter, your asparagus crunchier and your broccoli greener than ever. Spring is the tastiest, and arguably easiest, time to get your five-a-day… Just look at all the tempting veg below.


Asparagus. The green stalks that every Brit knows and loves are in season. Despite our affinity for the veg, they tend to get relegated to the side of the plate, wallowing in their ‘side dish’ status, always accompanying a roast chicken or lamb… But it’s time to let the green stuff be the star of the show with this easy terrine.


Spinach. It’s a green, mean, nutrient-filled machine and it’s perfect for any meal of the day especially breakfast as it’s packed with fibre and will help keep you full until lunch.



Rocket. This peppery stuff is sure to put some pep in your step. Like its friend the asparagus it’s often relegated to the side of a plate, served alongside the main star of the meal. Try topping it on burgers and sandwiches instead. It’s packed with much more flavour than romaine and still retains a nice crunch.


Lettuce. The humble leaves are in season. Not only are they nutritious and delicious on their own, they can also encourage us to eat even more veg as they’re often used as the base of salads.


Broccoli. This versatile green knows no bounds. Serve it in a Thai stir-fry, tucked away in a cheesy pie or pulsed into a broccoli pesto. Any way you dish it, it’s one of the most nutritious greens on the menu.