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EVERY SINGLE RECIPE is tested by our expert recipe consultant Phil Mundy to make sure it works – and tastes great.


RECIPES ARE ANALYSED by our nutrition consultant Juliette Kellow. Nutrition information is calculated accurately using McCance and Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods, Sixth Edition – the UK’s standard nutrition database – but may vary slightly depending on the ingredients used.


DIABETES FRIENDLY In line with information from Diabetes UK, we encourage people with diabetes to enjoy a variety of foods and aim for a diet that is low in fat, sugar and salt and includes plenty of fruit and vegetables. Our nutritional information helps people with diabetes to make informed choices and indulge in occasional treats, so none of our recipes is off limits.


WE USE STANDARD UK measurements, where 1tbsp is 15ml and 1tsp is 5ml.


OUR VEGETARIAN RECIPES often include cheese. Some of these may contain animal rennet, so check the label and use a vegetarian substitute if you prefer.


WHERE WE USE a ‘gluten free’ or ‘dairy free’ symbol we recommend you check the ingredients list of any manufactured products you use – even if you use them regularly as manufacturers may change their recipes.


IN ADDITION TO BEING CODED with symbols, all recipes include nutritional information per serving for:

calcium and


low 450kcal or less for a main course;
300kcal or less for breakfast;
and 150kcal or less for a starter, snack, drink or dessert
low 3g fat or less per 100g
low 1.5g saturates or less per 100g
low 5g sugar or less per 100g
low 0.3g salt or less per 100g
low At least 6g fibre per 100g or 3g fibre per 100kcal
low At least 20% of the calories come from protein
low At least 30% of the RDA per serving
low At least 30% of the RDA per serving
low Free from meat, poultry, fish and ingredients derived from animals (for example, gelatine)
low Free from cereals containing gluten
low Free from dairy products and ingredients that include dairy products
low The number of portions of fruit and/or veg contained in a serving

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