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Deliciously Ella’s clementine and coconut sorbet

Deliciously Ella’s clementine and coconut sorbet is the ultimate in healthy summer eating. Pop in the freezer for 4 hours and out comes a dairy-free treat.

Serves 4

Prep Time 10 min + 4 hr freezing

Cooking Time n/a


  • 8 clementines
, peeled
  • 160ml tin coconut cream


  1. Partially segment the clementines. Blend a few at a time in a high power blender and sieve through a fine mesh sieve, collecting the juice in a bowl. Once you’ve sieved out all of the juice, put the clementine purée into 
a clean container.
  2. Mix the coconut cream into the puree with a fork, then put the into the freezer. After an hour, take out and mix again with a fork. Do this every hour or so until you are ready to eat it. It should take about 4 hours to reach the right consistency.

Nutrition per serving

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88 1.4g 5.3g 4.5g 1.9g 9g 0g 35mg 9.4g 0.7mg

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