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Tenderstem, pea and potato frittata with goat’s cheese

We've added new potatoes and plenty of greens to this fabulous frittata to make it a marvellous midweek meal. Sprinkle with the goat's cheese, bake until golden and enjoy!

Serves 4

Prep Time 15 min

Cooking Time 40 min


  • 375g baby new potatoes
  • 1tbsp olive oil
  • 125g frozen peas
  • 8 large eggs
  • 80g firm goat’s cheese, crumbled
  • 250g tenderstem broccoli, ends trimmed, halved lengthways
  • Small handful mixed salad leaves, to serve


  1. Heat the oven to 190°C/ 170°C fan/gas 5. Put the potatoes in a medium saucepan, cover with water and boil for 10–15 min, or until potatoes are tender when pierced with a skewer. Drain. Allow to cool slightly, then cut the potatoes into 2cm pieces.
  2. Heat the oil in a medium cast-iron or ovenproof frying pan over a medium heat. Add the potatoes and peas, and cook, stirring, for 5 min.
  3. Whisk the eggs in a large jug and season with freshly ground black pepper.
  4. Add the egg mixture to the potato mixture and cook for 4-5 min or until the frittata is beginning to set around the edges. Top with the goat’s cheese and the tenderstem broccoli. Transfer to the oven and bake for 15–20 min or until golden and just set. Slice and serve with the salad leaves.

Nutrition per serving

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332 22g 18g 6.7g 5.2g 3.5g 0.7g 159mg 17g 3.8mg

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