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Spinach, pine nut and ricotta courgette bake

Get in your daily veg with this gorgeously green courgette dish. The cheesy pine nut crumb is oh-so tasty and each serving is only 305 calories.

Serves 4

Prep Time 15 min + cooling

Cooking Time 40 min


  • 4 large courgettes, halved lengthways
  • Spray olive oil
  • 2 spring onions, trimmed, thinly sliced
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 125g baby spinach
  • 250g ricotta
  • 3tbsp pine nuts, toasted
  • 500g tomato passata with garlic and herbs
  • ½tsp chilli flakes
  • 4 slices crusty wholegrain bread, to serve
  • 120g mixed salad leaves, to serve


  1. Scoop the flesh from the courgettes, leaving a small border. Set the shells aside and finely chop the flesh.
  2. Heat the oven to 190°C/fan 170°C/gas 5. Spray a large non-stick frying pan with olive oil and set over a medium heat. Add the courgette flesh, onions and garlic to the pan, then cook for 2–3 min. Stir in the spinach and toss until wilted. Remove the pan from heat and transfer the mixture to a bowl to cool.
  3. Add the ricotta and pine nuts to the mixture. Season with freshly ground black pepper. Mix until combined. Spoon the filling into the courgette shells.
  4. Pour the tomato passata into a 2-litre baking dish and mix in the chilli flakes. Arrange the stuffed courgettes in the dish and spray with oil. Bake for 30–35 min until the courgettes are just tender and the sauce is bubbling. Serve with the bread and salad leaves.

Nutrition per serving

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305 15g 14g 5.1g 6.4g 9.6g 0.6g 280mg 24g 4mg

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