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Healthy teriyaki chicken with rice

Forget the takeaway dish, which is loaded with sugar and instead try our healthy teriyaki chicken served on steamed jasmine rice.

Serves 4

Prep Time 5 min

Cooking Time 35 min


  • 4tbsp salt-reduced soy sauce
  • 4tbsp mirin (rice wine)
  • 2tbsp sugar
  • 1tbsp corn oil
  • 450g skinless chicken breasts, cut into 2cm pieces
  • 175g jasmine rice
  • 3tbsp fresh coriander leaves, to garnish


  1. Put the soy sauce in a saucepan with the mirin, sugar and 125ml water. Stir over a low heat until the sugar dissolves. Bring up to the boil, then reduce the heat again and simmer for 3 min. Set aside.
  2. Heat the oil in a large non-stick frying pan over a high heat. Add the chicken in batches and cook for 2–3 min until evenly browned all over. Return all the chicken to the frying pan and add the sauce. Cover and cook over a low-medium heat for 20–25 min until the chicken is cooked through.
  3. Meanwhile, cook the jasmine rice according to the pack instructions. Drain.
  4. Divide the rice and chicken among 4 bowls, then garnish with the coriander.

Nutrition per serving

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377 29.5g 6.6g 1.5g 0g 9.2g 1.6g 32mg 45.7g 1.4mg

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