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Is it a fluke that some people stay slim while the majority of the UK population pile on the pounds?


While many of us spend hours wondering why we gain weight, I felt it was time to turn the question on its head and start asking, how come some people manage to remain slim for life? Maybe we could learn from them – apply some of their strategies to our own diets. I wanted to discover if it’s just down to lucky genes, not liking sweet things or simply not feeling as hungry and tempted by a 24-hour food culture like the rest of us.

Secret lives of slim peoplePresenter Sabrina Grant wants to find out exactly why certain slim people stay slim. (Image copyright Channel 4)

Luckily, Channel 4 thought it was an idea worth pursuing and here we are with our first, four-part series, The Secret Lives of Slim People. Tune in for the first instalment on Monday 11th February at 8.30pm.

Over the four-weeks, myself and the team will be delving into the lives of eight individuals, all of whom are ‘naturally’ slim. They don’t work at it. In fact, they hardly seem to give their weight a second thought. And so the journey begins to discover why.

What the show will be revealing

Like most things to do with human beings, the answers aren’t always straightforward. While making the series, we gained invaluable insights around behaviours, daily habits, eating styles and attitudes, which we realised were helping to calorie-proof our contributors from our obesogenic, 24-hour-a-day food culture.

In some cases, it’s true that naturally slim people can be born with an extra lucky set of genetic cards – an advantage in terms of metabolic rate; being taller than average; having an ectomorphic frame (slim boned and long limbed). Ultimately, however, what we came back to time and time again is that it’s down to how we as individuals play the cards we are dealt.

Leading an active lifestyle and following the basic tenets of a healthy, balanced style of eating remains a really sound starting point to help to look after the body we are born with. Learning a few tricks from naturally slim people could just make this a little easier.

The Secret Lives of Slim People starts on C4 at 8.30pm on 11 February, then continues on 18 February, 4 March and 11 March.